Documentation 2

If you find a bug or have a question about this official Shopify theme please contact our guru team.


Beyond featuring a custom logo the Simple Theme gives you the option to further brand your shop with a tagline. If you're looking for more space than just a navigation - you can also feature a list of links in the Header as well.


Have a brand new product or a feature sale going on, take advantage of the Banner to catch the attention of your customers. 

Featuring a banner image on the frontpage

Go into theme settings and click on the "Frontpage" tab and upload a new "Banner image". Make sure it's at least 950px wide or else on larger monitors the image won't stretch all the way. 


Choose whether you want to showcase your product image on the left or the right of the description. If you've got more than just a product description; Simple gives you the option to use a Tab for additional content on the Product Page. 


How to add subcategories to your sidebar menu

A sub-menu will appear in your sidebar navigation if you have created a link list with the same name as the Main Menu link you need a sub-menu for.

Example (see screenshot below): if you need a sub-menu under Womens, create a link list called Womens, and populate that link list with links to your sub-categories. For the sub-category Jeans, either point to a Jeans collection, or point to your Womens collection filtered with tag “Jeans”. More information on drop-down menus can be found here.